Thursday, November 29, 2007

The last article of Veenadhari focus on some hard facts about HIV and AIDS

Every year on December 1st we observe AIDS day. This year we certainly miss a person who bravely stood up to face the battle against HIV. Just before a couple of weeks to her death, she wrote an article about her struggle which was not only against the disease but also against the ill mindsets who are trying to reap benefit in the name of HIV. Her name is ‘Veenadhari’ and what follows is the gist of her Kannada article. Being a sub editor, it was my great pleasure to publish this insightful write up in ‘Vikrama’. I never forget the moment I spoke to her over the telephone only to appreciate and ask photograph of her. At that time she was admitted to hospital and she had promised me to send the photographs as soon as she recovers. It is sad to note that, before her promise being materialize, Veenadhari herself turned into a photographic memory. Perhaps this was her last article.

Is ‘HIV’ means the end of the life? Majority of us hardly see any doubt about that. But, Veenadhari, social worker and herself was a HIV victim had different take on this issue.

She had firmly said “it is not for HIV that one needs to bother, but the vulnerable threat is from the section that turned the fear of HIV into a money making industry”. “Most of the AIDS awareness campaigns are nothing but a well planed conspiracy. They project the disease as if a death certificate, in order to gain economic benefit. They purposefully hide the optimistic points from the HIV victims. When I tried to deliver the real things in front of the public, the people who are working in the field of AIDS awareness had not supported me and tried to stop me from the objective” Veenadhari, who was a well known name in Karnataka for counseling the HIV victims had revealed her anguish in her last article to the newsmagazine ‘Vikrama’.

She further admitted that HIV may affect the person who is not an AIDS victim. There is no evidence to substantiate the claim that HIV causes AIDS. AIDS is nothing but the total of some 30 odd diseases. Apart from the unsafe sex, the disease may also occur from tuberculosis, bad habits, work pressure, depression, malnutrition and odd lifestyle as they deteriorate the resistance power. The scientists exploded all these things through websites, medical journals and conferences, but the pharmacy companies and the NGO’s are not letting the people to know these developments. She never hesitated to set the blame.

After experiencing the truth about HIV Veenadhari wanted to take this information to the people. “When I was came to know that HIV has affected me, I lost all the hope at the initial stage. But I did not want to give up so easily. I met many scientists and doctors working in this field and also studied the life of HIV affected. It helped me to break the myths about HIV” she shared her experience in her last write up. “There are cases in which parents possess HIV, but their children are free from the threat. It also happened; the parents are HIV free while their children found HIV positive! Some people who are labeled as HIV positive as early as 18 to 20 years back are still leading a healthy life”. This claim of Veenadhari emphasizes the need of serious research on AIDS. The points which were made by Veenadhari are debatable. Striving to find the fact by making this debate alive is the best way to pay our homage to Veenadhari.