Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let us outsource our security task to US!

They set up their companies in India in order to meet the demand of IT professionals, BPO and KPO. Now, how about we seek their participation in our army and internal security force?
It may be sound very strange and eccentric but that’s what the bitter reality is! Soon we may have no men to serve the frontier. The attitude of government is paving way to this ugly situation. A series of instances occur to mind in this regard.

*Recently a lathi-charge incident made a headline in one of the regional Kannada channels. It was happened in a recruitment camp. What was the camp about.? Was that an IT recruitment camp? Or was that about banking or some other business? No. There will be no such incidents like lathi –charge if it was concerned with any above mentioned industries. The police showed their strength on the youths who came all the way to materialize their dream of joining the Indian army. In the confusion many were beaten and few lost their certificates. Is this the way we are welcoming the future guards of this country?

* December is the dreadful month for the Indians as it remembers the terrorist attack on Parliament. A couple of days back, newspaper carried the picture of a woman who tried to enter the Parliament, only to claim that she had not received what she deserved after her husband died in the parliament attack as a brave security man. What would be the fate of these politicians if the security persons cared for there own lives?

*What make our worry even more worst is the some facts revealed by ‘Times Now’ news channel. Only 19% of young men and women of this country like to join the army. That is what the Survey carried by the channel tell us. Once again, it is the low salary structure that made the young mind to arrive at this conclusion. Many mind about the risky life but 43% respondents found no problem to join the army if they ensured with good pay and career growth.

*A months back a MP caught up in the airport while indulging in human trafficking. Not considering this fact, an order was passed by the government to exempt some VIPs from the security hassles including politicians but excluding army officials!

* ‘I am ashamed that I served India.’ This is the shocking statement by a Param veer chakra awardee! He is Captain Bana Singh, the man who played significant role in recapturing Siachin glacier. He gets Rs 166 per month, while any militant surrendered to the army gets Rs 2000!

Do we have any moral base to talk about patriotism? Leave our politicians. We the people in general, always wish to have a Shivaji in our neighborhood and software son in our home.


Vijay Joshi said...

Nice article Chaitanya..

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