Thursday, December 20, 2007

A monologue before an epilogue

We are standing at the threshold of 2008. For the moment let us have a light heart. We may suppose to see more bomb attacks, more blood and many number of Nandigram in the coming year. Let us go back to the same old saying ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’. Setting the serious issues apart, enjoy this short story if it can be called so…

He had known that one day she would abandon him. Now the moment has come and he is finding it tough to manage himself. A floodgate of reminiscence has broken in the mind. Every wave hitting his heart contains her love.

No it is not the end of a bond. In fact, the bond which he has with her is not something which can be broken. But still it bothers him because she is finding another man to share her feelings.

She no longer reports him her day over a cup of evening tea. Soon he will miss the voice which commands him “We should dine out today. How long is it since we sat face to face? And enjoy the relishes outside the home?” He always liked to hear the appeal which asks “can you pick me up from the college … please?” How can he forget the innumerous times when he did console her with the words, “nothing to worry, I am here”, whenever she feared about her exams, about something which is silly and about a strange stalker who followed her in one late evening.

He loved her, that’s all. How much? The very question itself is meaningless to him. But one fine day, she introduced a guy only to tell him that he is her lover. So, within a few days, that guy will stand in his place to feel and share her love, dependency, command and all. “Am I feeling jealous of him? It is not right to feel like that. It was my fortune to have her love and every moment with me till date. Now it’s his time. Let him have her love. That young and energetic man needs her affection to make his dream come true.”he concluded.

Suddenly she appeared in front of him. “I have been watching you from more than five minutes. You are lost in thought. I know, what you are thinking about. You are too much bothering about missing me. Aren’t you?” Dad, poor dad, come on. I am not leaving you for another planet. After all, I am getting married. I love you dad…”

She gave him a hug and he gently kissed her forehead.

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